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Coexistence & Wildlife Conflict Solutions


Watching wildlife around our homes and properties provides us that necessary contact with nature and is fast becoming a popular pastime. But, as humans we take up more and more space, wildlife (plant and animal) ranges become more fragmented and restricted.

As wildlife is displaced, some species disappear, but others adapt and, when given the opportunity, learn to coexist by utilizing or even exploiting food and possible nest/den shelter sites we may inadvertently create in our cultural environment.

Many of us want to assist wildlife and maintain their necessary habitats (provide natural food and shelter sites), such as native trees and shrubs, so that we can continue to attract wildlife.

A balance is achieved when wildlife is attracted to natural food and shelter sites on your property without conflicts arising. Viewing is a bonus! Coexistence on wildlife’s terms usually turns to conflict.

Second Nature Wildlife Management promotes the coexistence and tolerance of wildlife through wildlife education. Wildlife has learned to coexist with humans…can we learn to coexist with wildlife?

Wildlife Conflict Solutions

In Ontario, the Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR) through the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act regulates the activity of nuisance wildlife management and the protection of property.

Nuisance wildlife are animals on your land that you believe are damaging or about to damage your property. It must be more than just the mere presence of the animal.

Who can deal with nuisance wildlife? You can do it yourself (I strongly recommend discussions with Second Nature Wildlife Management) or you may hire or ask someone to deal with the nuisance animals on your land, and that person you hire or ask is your agent and must have authorization from OMNR.

The following four categories of people are authorized by the regulations to act as agents: a person whose main business is removing nuisance wildlife (ie. Second Nature Wildlife Management), a licensed trapper (ie. Second Nature Wildlife Management), an immediate family member or an employee or agent of the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA).

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