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Wildlife Proofing Techniques

Second Nature Wildlife Management provides wildlife proofing in Kingston. Wildlife proofing reduces or eliminates the potential for wildlife conflicts by focusing on the real problem, that is, the opportunities given to wildlife to allow access to unsecured homes and properties for food and shelter sites. We must learn to protect what we value so that sharing the environment with wildlife can be a pleasurable experience.

This is achieved by performing an inspection to determine wildlife activity. The necessary prevention and exclusion repairs and modifications are then applied to physically block or deter wildlife. Susceptible wildlife access points to your home are the chimney, roof, gable, fan vents, rotted wooden soffit and fascia, foundations and under decks, sheds and porches. These access points may allow wildlife into your attic, crawlspace or living space. The result can be sleepless nights, property and structural damage, health and safety concerns and time required to clean up.

Wildlife proofing is preferred by the following organizations:

  • Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • Ontario Humane Society
  • Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
  • Ontario Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Network
  • Federation of Ontario Naturalists

Second Nature Wildlife Management eliminates access points into your home with the application of the sturdiest of materials and deodorises the area to eliminate wildlife scent trails.


  • Sheet metal (24-gauge), secured with screws, edges and screw heads caulked (35-year caulking) all colour-matched to existing structure's soffit and fascia (not screened over)
  • Heavy duty metal chimney caps with half inch galvanized metal screen
  • Dryer or other wall vents with metal screen 
  • Metal diamond galvanized screen for roof vent openings and ground level skirting
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