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Our Services

  • On-site consultation for the “do-it-yourselfer”.
  • On-site determination of wildlife species, an investment of 17 years of business experience, 30 years of keen interest and knowledge of wildlife allows Second Nature to determine wildlife behaviour, habits, feeding, shelter, breeding, young present, numbers, etc.
  • On-site inspection of home or property to determine wildlife species, active access points, trails, den and nest site.
  • On-site explanation of wildlife conflict scenario findings to the customer.
  • On-site explanation of wildlife removal techniques that would be utilized in this particular situation to ensure a humane, safe, and timely removal of species in conflict.
  • On-site discussion of the wildlife proofing techniques that should be performed to prevent a reoccurrence of the species in conflict.


Only with the customer’s full understanding of the wildlife conflict situation, the solution necessary, the acceptance of these removal and proofing techniques, and the prices quoted for the service will give Second Nature Wildlife Management permission to go ahead with the work necessary to solve the wildlife conflict.

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